Our most popular size, this 9 oz baby is perfectly designed for your home, office, or favorite space.

**Testers can only be purchased when you order of a case of the particular scent. If you have any questions, please reach out to wholesale@waxbuffalo.com**


Armitage Street

 earthy vanilla, blackberry, currant, musk, dark rum, roasted honey

Blood Orange

blood orange, tangy mandarin, grapefruit, lemon, sugar, honey, bergamot


eucalyptus, pine, green floral, cedar, sage, rosemary, citrus

French Press

espresso, cinnamon, almond milk, vanilla bean, clove, pistachio

Into The Woods

cedar, sandalwood, pine, sweet grass, beet root, santal, oak sap

Red Ferne

dark amber, rum, oak moss, coriander, vetiver, anise

Sweet Tobacco

warm vanilla, tobacco, coriander, tonka, honey blossom, clove


sea salt, orchids, peonies, coconut, ocean

Size: 9 oz
40-50 hr burn time


One 9oz classic tester - $9