there is power in the therapy of making... and here, my dears. you are the maker.

Join us in The Candle Lab, where you can choose from seasonally curated collections of dreamy vessels and exclusive scents to create your own unique, beautifully imperfect candle. 

Come on in, no reservation required! The Candle Lab is open for pop-in visits anytime during our normal business hours. 

If you’re looking to plan a larger or more private event (you know us, we love a good party or celebration!), we’d love to connect with you! A party of 8 or more is required to make a reservation. Join us for a birthday, bachelorette party, work event, or whatever has you getting together! To make a reservation, please contact Katie Henning at Let’s have a pouring party!

$38 per experience

727 O Street 
Lincoln, Nebraska
monday - friday    -    10am-5:30pm
saturday   -     10am-5:30pm
sunday    -    12pm-3:30pm

wax buffalo is and will always be a place of life, acceptance, support, and soul nourishing love. ⁠
it's honestly, no different an environment than the very kitchen where I started this adventure. a place for you to be your whole self without hesitation and with full abandon and to know that you are loved unconditionally... sometimes even still, with a cup of tea or a strong whiskey and very long chat. 🖤⁠
you are welcome here. you always have been and you always will be... as you are. who you are. your perfect most wonderfully beautiful self. ⁠

see you soon loves.