after a year of staying safely away from each other my hope is this beautiful space will be a comfy and magical place to begin to gather once again.
there is power in the therapy of making... and here, my dears. you are the maker.

727 O Street 
Lincoln, Nebraska
monday - friday    -    10am-5:30pm
saturday   -     10am-5:30pm
sunday    -    12pm-3:30pm
wax buffalo is and will always be a place of life, acceptance, support, and soul nourishing love. ⁠
it's honestly, no different an environment than the very kitchen where I started this adventure. a place for you to be your whole self without hesitation and with full abandon and to know that you are loved unconditionally... sometimes even still, with a cup of tea or a strong whiskey and very long chat. 🖤⁠
you are welcome here. you always have been and you always will be... as you are. who you are. your perfect most wonderfully beautiful self. ⁠

pop in anytime during the week or to make a reservation contact Lauren Hawkins at

see you soon loves