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Women Owned

As a women-owned business, we draw strength, creativity, and determination from our founder, fueling our vision and inspiring our products.

People First

Our focus is on people, prioritizing customers, employees, and the community to nurture a collaborative culture.

We Believe Scent is a Powerful Thing

Our candle scents are intentionally wrapped in stories and memories, sometimes transporting you back to another time. That is what makes us different.

Midwest Values

We’re rooted in the Midwest and we bring these principles to every aspect of our business, from hand poured, small batch candles to building partnerships and delivering quality and integrity in all we do.

fresh + Airy + Bright
Botanical Collection

Vessels adorned with the most whimsically unique designs and filled with our signature 100% soy wax goodness, in the most dreamy floral-forward scents - including Teak, Santal, Cactus, Wildflower, and Dahlia.

Once you’ve burned the candle down, clean out the vessel and keep your one-of-a-kind reusable tumbler for your favorite beverage. From candle to cocktail! Stunningly beautiful individually or as a complete set!

A Note From Our Founder

I realized that finding a balance of work and play and care and love was the ultimate goal. I had created that for myself with this tiny brand and as we started to grow, I looked towards others that think with a similar perspective. 

Women that have these beautiful dreams and lives and in this little space we encourage each other. We collaborate and push each other and we laugh. We laugh a lot. I feel very grateful to be living this simple perfect dream and sharing it with those around me who also find beauty in small curated dreams. 

Thanks for being a part of this story with us! I love hearing all of your stories as you share with me the memories our candles evoke within you! So many hugs my dears.



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