the candle lab

after a year of staying safely away from each other my hope is this beautiful space will be a comfy and magical place to begin to gather once again.

there is power in the therapy of making... and here, my dears. you are the maker.

beautifully imperfect.

small batch candles.

Wax Buffalo, Pure Soy Candles.
Woman Owned. Small Batch. Clean. Modern.

Our main mission is to create beautifully imperfect hand made products for the modern home.

Our second mission is to create a space of collaboration and an independent work ethic for a team of incredible women seeking to work differently.

as featured in...

flagship store.

727 O Street

Lincoln, NE 68508

monday - saturday  10am - 6pm 

sunday  12am - 4pm

phone 531-500-2755