A 12oz custom branded enamel mug filled with some of our favorite scents. Perfectly sustainable vessel. Repurpose it for your morning coffee, afternoon tea, or hot chocolate near the light of a campfire.

**Testers can only be purchased when you order of a case of the particular scent. If you have any questions, please reach out to wholesale@waxbuffalo.com**


Chai: chai, clove, heavy cream, black pepper, cinnamon, vanilla

French Press: espresso, cinnamon, almond milk, vanilla bean, clove, pistachio

Matcha: matcha leaves, black honey, almond milk, stevia plant, lemon balm 

Turmeric Latte: coconut, oat milk, turmeric, ginger, pistachio, guava

Size: 12 oz
60-70 hr burn time 


12oz case of 6 - $90