who is in this gang? you are, my girl. YOU ARE. it’s trendy as hell right now, the idea of a girl gang. i’m seeing them rise, and it fills my heart.💕

because damn, this nation needs more of them. but beyond the trend, let’s remember the embodiment of this movement has been built on tears, guts, and the elbowing up of a powerful nation of women bonding together to rise as our true selves doing our truest, purest work. that’s why the gang exists, my loves. as a loud voice for those that are empowered to keep banging that drum... and to encourage those that NEED to BE empowered. we are all here. right here. ready to push you to the top. because empowering you, empowers us all. we have the capacity to affect real change and in properly linking arms, we are stronger. and to be honest. we've had a tough week. we've watched women fight and thankfully move the needle closer... ⁠ we're obviously not there yet. AND it's going to take guts and brains and women that understand we are UNABLE to do this alone. ⁠this is not a CLUB. loves. THIS IS A MOVEMENT.⁠

and of course WE MADE T-SHIRTS. grab one for you, for a woman you love, for anyone you know making waves. 

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