+ What kinds of wax do you use?

We use only 100% pure soy wax made from soybeans grown in the midwest US! 


+Why do you use soy wax?

Soy wax is clean. It is safe to breathe in, because doesn’t include things like petroleum that is in a lot  of other candles! Soy produces less soot than paraffin wax and is water soluble, so it’s a cinch to clean up! It also cost quite a bit less than beeswax, which helps keep the cost of our candles down!


 +What kind of oils do you use in your candles?

We use high quality phthalate free fragrance AND essential oils. Using only essential oils is WAY more costly and hard to achieve a good, strong smelling candle. We would LOVE to use all pure essential oils someday and we do occasionally create lines where the candles are made that way.  


+What kind of wicks do you use?

We use only cotton and/or paper wicks - all lead free. Legally all wicks have to be lead free as of 2003 but wicks used to contain lead!


+What are your store hours?

Our store hours are M-F: 10-6 and Sat: 10-4
(store front is currently closed during the COVID-19 pandemic)


+Where is your store front located?

Our flagship store is located in the Haymarket in Lincoln, NE- UNDER the O street bridge.

+What does the X stand for?

The X on our candles is a little spin from the beautiful ascetics of the European apothecary stores.

+Why do I have some wax left at the bottom of my vessel?

We do that for your safety! If the candle burned all the way to the bottom, it would become too hot for the surface and we don’t want that! We use specific wicks that allow a little room at the bottom to keep you and your family safe!

+What can I do with the wax left in my vessel?

Throw it on a candle warmer or reuse the vessel! You can get the remainder of the wax out by boiling a small amount of water in a pot and setting the candle in it for a few minutes. The wax should pop right out and then you can clean the jar as normal!

*only put the glass in the water for a few minutes and be careful when handling the vessel! It will be hot!

+Do you recycle old vessels?

Yes! If you bring them in to the store, you can get a one time in store discount at that time.

You can find more info about our recycle program here: https://waxbuffalo.com/pages/sustainability

+Where else can I purchase Wax Buffalo products? 

Check out this link for a list of our stockists: https://waxbuffalo.com/pages/our-stockists.


+Where can I purchase a Wax Buffalo gift card? 

We have in store gift cards available for purchase at our flagship location.

Or check out our online gift card option here:   https://waxbuffalo.com/products/gift-car


+Where can I use my Wax Buffalo gift card?

We have two types of gift cards at this time:
+If it was purchased from the store and it’s an actual hand held card- it can only be redeemed in the store.
+If it was purchased online and gifted to you through email- it can only be redeemed on our website!

+Is it true that you host candle pouring parties?

Yes! Check this link out for info on our First Friday events and collabs: https://waxbuffalo.com/products/candle-lab-pouring-class-first-friday

And this link if you’re interested in learning more about booking and private party for your friends, family or co-workers: https://waxbuffalo.com/pages/private-pouring-parties

+Can I get a customized candle for my wedding or event?

We do customizable candles, your can find the details here: https://waxbuffalo.com/collections/custom-candle/products/custom-collab-candles

+Can I have more info about wholesale?

Yep! Apply here: https://waxbuffalo.com/pages/wholesale
Or contact our wholesale department: wholesale@waxbuffalo.com