Be Your Own Maker

Our Candle Lab is one of a kind. Beautifully curated with all the dreamy vessels your heart desires. It’s become a place for us to find our whimsy and create outside the box a bit in an incredibly therapeutic way.

But gosh, it’s hard to get yourself to Lincoln, Nebraska sometimes right!? And although, we totally think you should get your buns here immediately, we’ve devised a little way for you to embrace the magic of the candle lab at home.

Build your own Candle.

Pick from the exclusive and beautifully sustainable glassware we stock in our very own candle lab, and then choose one of the seasonal monthly scents we have in rotation.

You get to build your own beautiful Candle Lab candle. We’ll pour it exclusively for you, and pop it in the mail! It’s as easy as pie. Enjoy your candle with abandon, and at the end of it’s journey, use it as the most special glassware. Even better, your glassware now tells a story of you, the maker.

Be sure to check back, as we are constantly rotating vessels and scents to keep you on your toes!