We’re big believers in the host/hostess gift tradition here at Wax Buffalo. When you’re invited to an event where the host has spent all day cleaning, cooking, and getting everything ready for the perfect event, it seems only appropriate to bring a little something to thank them for that effort, right?  

And really, is anything more appropriate than a Wax Buffalo candle? We don’t think so. Having a dinner or pot luck? Bring your host or hostess the vanilla and berry-infused Armitage Street. For a cozy game night, it doesn’t get any better than a classic from our x line, the Sweet Tobacco. Football watch parties are right around the corner - how about cheering on the Huskers with the Oh Hey Nebraska? (We’re Nebraskans, so we’re biased. We do, however, have lots of other great midwestern candles perfect for those other teams you’re cheering for.) Whatever you choose, we know that your host will be so grateful that you appreciate their hard work.

wax buffalo succulent pot

Just as nice, we also love the idea of gifting one of your beautiful repurposed Wax Buffalo empties. With or without a candle inside, they add a level of sophistication to any room in your host’s home. And we have the perfect way to gift it!

It’s as easy as heading to your local nursery and buying some potting soil and a little succulent. Replant the succulent in your empty Wax Buffalo jar, and voila! You have a beautiful gift made with love (and for under $10). Your host will be delighted with the new addition to their home. Just remind them to give it a good misting every now and again.

wax buffalo succulent pot

Cute, easy, inexpensive, and sustainable. Most importantly - the time and thought put into this little gesture will leave your host feeling like a million bucks.

How do you reuse your empty Wax Buffalo jars? Let us know! We’re always looking for great ideas!

August 09, 2018 — Alicia Reisinger