How to Clean Out Your Candle Jars

How to Clean Out Your Candle Jars

We love our candle jars almost as much as we love the candles inside them, and we get so psyched when our customers send us notes telling us how they’re giving those gorgeous jars new life and repurposing them. We hope to show some of these crafty and clever reuses on this blog in the future, but first thing’s first - how do you get them to the point where they can be reused?

Even if you burn that Waxy B down to the point where you can’t light it anymore (and we hope you do), there’s still going to be some excess wax lingering in the jar. And here’s the great news - because Wax Buffalo candles are made with the highest quality American soy, these jars are so easy to clean out! The one shown below took fewer than five minutes.

Step 1: Grab a butter knife and scrape out as much of the excess wax as you can. You’ll know you’re in pretty good shape when you get the metal wick sustainer out.

wax-buffalo | clean-candle-jars

Step 2: Grab a mug full of water and microwave it for about a minute and half. The water should be hot, but it doesn’t need to be boiling.

wax-buffalo | clean-candle-jar-2

Step 3: Head outside and set your candle jar on the ground. Pour the hot water into it. The jar will get pretty hot, so it’s best to just leave it sitting on the ground until it cools down. The wax will melt and rise to the top.

wax-buffalo | clean-candle-jar-3

Step 4: Once the water has cooled down, pour it out, grab a paper towel, and wipe down your jar.

That’s it! You now have an empty jar with thousands of possibilities (and we can’t wait to show you some of them)!

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