oak, cypress, pine, smoke, tonka, black honey, eucalyptus, peppermint,
I’ve been waiting for OAKEN’S arrival. It’s one of my favorite candles created this year. It’s fresh and yet inviting at the same time.                                                          
Our November sub box candle is filled with all the cozy vibes best set in this beautiful month. As the last drips of Autumn fade into the crispness of Winter, this candle is set to help you make that perfect transition. Burn it in the mornings as the sun warms your home and your coffee is still hot. Or late in the afternoon while the soup simmers on the stove and the day’s work is finished and the light slowly fades to the evening sky. Send it to everyone you would be gathering with this season and jump on zoom and share secrets and love and laughter and a familiar scent together.            
This month is sure to look different for so many, yet I hope OAKEN brings you warmth and togetherness-feelings in a whole new beautifully imperfect way.