The Local Girl Gang - Design Project: Blank Slate LNK 

This month we are showcasing Sara Schaepe, the designer and creator behind Blank Slate LNK a brand located in Lincoln, Nebraska that is dedicated to the belief that everyone is wildly capable. The idea behind Blank Slate LNK is that every day we are given a blank slate to do, create, and be what our hearts greatest passions are. It’s fueled by the idea that we are all capable of greatness and that greatness looks different for everyone. Being wildly capable means that we are passionate dreamers with a fierce nature inside of us. Check our her goods. Buy some beauties. then pop to her site at and snap up even more! click HERE


Also NAB her FREEEEEEEE downloadable booklet just for us HERE


The Local Girl Gang is collective full of woman bosses, leaders, students, mamas, makers, activists, artists, creators and most importantly supporters. We hold collaboration over competition so closely to our hearts and want it to drive everything we do. our goal is to help, encourage and empower real voices to start conversations.

Each month we are highlighting a different artist and showcasing their work. Each artist has lavishly donated a few pieces to the Collective to help the Girl Gang raise funds, We are a group currently made purely of volunteers and volunteered time. 

SO!! We thought this would be a fun way to encourage collaboration and artist support. We only have a very few of each item, and when they sell out we encourage you to support these beautiful artists directly by popping into their shops, buying this merchandise from them, as well as snagging some of their other beautifully designed and produced products.