the most delicious cocktail inspired candle scents poured in our sustainable and reusable clear whiskey tumblers. 

because we LOVE you. and we want to help you CELEBRATE. HERE are some boozy candles. 


anise, palo, lemon, tonka, cardamom, tea, saffron.
The perfect absinthe candle.⁠ This one took me the longest to lock. ⁠ ⁠ I LOVE absinthe. ⁠ ⁠ I took french in high school solely because I knew it came with a trip to Paris if I passed. I think someday if I have my way, I'll live in Nice, France as an old women, right on the sea side... living in my swimsuit and lounge-y linen pants with a huge brim hat and so many sips of evening absinthe watching the para-sailers over the mediterranean as the sun sets over my tiny studio apartment.⁠ ⁠
I have been burning my absinthe candle at night and telling my tinies about all the times I've saved every penny I made and then burned it all on a trip to France. Over and over again I did this. Backpacking and sleeping on the floor of train stations, eating only day old baguettes and nutella, splurging on a late night fancy drink, and an entrance ticket to a fancy museum. Sitting in so many parks and writing poetry. Taking a long bus ride to lavender fields as far as the eye can see. ⁠ ⁠ This candle takes me there. ⁠ Every time. ⁠ ⁠ And until I can save up and then pack up my entire tiny crew and show them all my favorite spots, we'll burn this candle and live in the stories that still feel just as magical. ⁠
+ glass whiskey tumbler
+ white X decal
+ filled with pure soy goodness
+ enjoy as a candle first and then as the perfect glass for your favorite bev for years to come
soy wax has a memory. honestly. it will only remember the burn radius of it's last burn. always allow your wax pool to reach the edge of your vessel. we recommend burning your candle for at least one hour (no more than 4 hours) to give your candle a long happy journey.

it's best to keep your candle wick trimmed to a 1/4 inch before each burn. do not allow debris to inhabit your wax pool. be smart about where you burn your candle.

keep it away from flammable objects, large bags of cotton balls, and your toddler. seriously. never leave a burning candle unattended.