Wax Buffalo

The Cocktail Collection


The Cocktail Candle. 

The most delicious cocktail inspired candle scents poured in our sustainable and reusable clear whiskey tumblers. 

New Whiskey Tumbler Candle Scents:  

Mimosa: lemon. mandarin. sweet orange. bubbly.

Mojito: dark rum. fresh mint. lime. sweet musk. tonic.

Absinthe: anise. palo. lemon. tonka. cardamom. tea. saffron

Lemon Tonic: lemongrass, lime, lemon, jasmine, sugar, black currant

Whiskey: coconut, cognac, ginger, whiskey, musk, patchouli, mulled spice 

Pink Prosecco: lemon. bergamot.  bubbly. blackberry. vanilla. gin. pomelo. 


Because we LOVE you. And we want to help you CELEBRATE. HERE are some boozy candles. 


A little more about the story behind these Cocktail Candles.  

The first time I ever experienced the magic that is “The Other Room” the speakeasy behind the tavern, I was with some dear friends that dragged me through an abandoned parking lot, across an alley and into a little tiny dimly lit porch. That secret door opened and I was immediately IN LOVE. It was cozy and dark and secret and delicious. It’s still one of the first places I take out of towners. And Jon and I almost always start date night tucked into a corner of that special spot.

Equally adored by me is The Tavern. The louder, funnier younger brother to those fancy cocktails. I have so many beautiful memories from that bright happy courtyard filled with deep and dorky conversations of love, and loss and podcasts and dreams. We all usually linger there late into the night and I find myself longing for that space and the friends that fill it these days as all our buildings are plastered with signs of commitment and local love. Shutting our doors out of solidarity to keep the vulnerable safe and our city; whole. What we are doing is good. But what we are doing is also hard. That’s not lost on any of us one bit.

So it’s with so much love and excitement I tell you about a very fun and delicious collaboration just in time for these bright Summer afternoons. They are just THE BEST CANDLES!