we miss seeing your faces in our pouring studio.  we miss teaching classes and hosting gatherings.  that aspect of our business was quickly becoming one of our favorites and now we have to press pause.  

in an attempt to fill that x shaped hole, we are offering these at home candle pouring kits.  wax buffalo was started as a form of late night therapy, whisky in hand. i think we all can use a little therapy right now.  an escape. a new hobby.  something to fill the extra hours at home.  something to do as a family.  something you make with your own hands and then get to use to fill your home with the most lovely of scents.  


purchase a kit, then join us on a scheduled live class online or pour in the quiet of your home using our instructional video, or simply using the enclosed detailed instructions.  we'll provide all the necessary supplies and the opportunity to commune with others from the safety of your own home. 

you provide the whisky. ha! 


you can also always add your own essential oils to make your own custom blend! 

each kit includes: 

  • pure soy wax flakes
  • fine fragrance and essential oil blend [rosemary+mint] 
  • wicks
  • 2 jars + 2 tea light shells
  • a stirring stick
materials you'll need from home:
  • a pot for water,
  • a pouring pitcher (we use kitchen goods for this) 
  • a clothes pin 
  • a thermometer (optional)