stronger together 16oz limited edition candle.  

we've brought these back for a cause that's near and dear to our hearts. our darling lauren, here on our team works for the malone center here in lincoln

(read about their work HERE

we've allocated more of these "stronger together" candles and EVERY CENT of your purchase will go straight to the malone center in Lincoln, NE. additionally we are donating the profits from all the previous sales of THIS candle to hopefully ensure a bigger impact for our friends over at malone. 



musk, cedar, sandalwood, lime, sea salt, oak, pale amber.


orange, mandarin, lemon, grapefruit, peach, red currant, vanilla


our dear friends over at @sarocider here in lincoln created THE most beautiful wall here in town to celebrate and showcase the LOVE for small business in nebraska. when I got the message asking our team to pop over and add our brand to the wall, I was so moved.

our girl tessa from @thecharmingfox created the perfect X for the occasion. two hands clutching each other across our beloved X. we call it the stronger together X. She painted it on that gorgeous brick wall, and well, we’ve fallen in love with it… and from the messages you’ve sent us… so have you.

we decided to make a very small run of these beautiful stronger together candles per your begging! it was such a good idea my friends.  

so! we created a BRAND NEW scent we’re calling: driftwood and brought back another cult classic favorite: grapefruit and poured those creamy mixtures into our brand new 16oz beauty.

it’s the most heavenly candle. and I hope when you burn it, you’ll remember that WE ARE always stronger together. that collaboration is more than a word. that small can also mean mighty. that our community is such a gift, in the good times and even more… in the hard times.