Wax Buffalo

Lincoln, NE Candles


Have you experienced our lincoln line yet?
It’s so so lovely. We are all so very proud of it. 

frosty white jars topped with a shiny white metal lid and filled with so much Lincoln, NE goodness. The darling Lincoln pendant was designed by our sweet friends over at Inclosed Design Studio and gifted in collaboration with Paperkite, the very first store in lincoln to carry our Wax Buffalo line. So it only seemed appropriate to dream up something big together this year. Each decal is hand cut my our girl The Charming Fox and made with so much local love. We hope you love this line it as much as we do. 


+ the Haymarket scent with that perfect coffee shop vibe makes me swoon. and you'll swear you've just walked into the Mill, or Indigo, or Crescent moon, or or or... I mean we're so lucky to have so many locally owned, delicious coffee shops steps away from our flagship store in the haymarket. We couldn't help but create a scent inspired by our walk to work. 

+ the Ivanna Cone scent took us over a year to get right. I kid you not. It was such a fun adventure. Especially the moment when we were like THAT IS IT!!!!! Amy, who is the founder and creator of our favorite ice cream shop and I became friends years ago when I interviewed her for a documentary we used to make, called Footnote. When she brought us a big brown bag full of waffle cones one day with dreams in her eyes... we knew we were in for an adventure! 

+ the Sunken Gardens scent is the perfect lavender scent we've been searching for for years, perfectly balanced and lovely. It's like walking through that beautiful floral garden in late June with everything is blooming and bright and it's not quite hot enough to hide inside in that nebraska summer sun. These beautiful gardens are such an Lincoln treasure and we had to embrace our love. 

+ the Orchard is a nod to all the apple orchards in and around the Lincoln area we all love to frequent every fall. Cider donuts and cider slushies. Crisp crunchy apples and warm apple pie. The feeling of being wrapped warm in a wool sweater and snugged up together with strangers on a bumpy hayrack ride. It's the season dreams are made of. And this candle will take you there, whether it's September or May. 

+ Paperkite is the most darling little childrens' boutique here in Lincoln, NE and one of the very first shops to carry our candles years ago!  they are so special to us and this line is a specific collaboration with them! This first scent we've created just for them is filled with kid like magic. Hot cocoa, and cinnamon swirls, vanilla gum drops and toasted brown sugar. It's sweet, but not too sweet. And it's the feeling you get when you walk into that darling shop on a blustery day. 

We are dreaming up a couple more scents to add to the lincoln line... so keep you're eyes peeled for new arrivals and beautiful scent collaborations.