Wax Buffalo

enneagram two: the helper


two: the helper

helpers are nourishing, kind, helpful, loving, warm, emotional, selfless. our nourish scent will soothe their soul.

scent: nourish

notes of avocado, citrus, zucchini, garden cucumber, violet leaf, green vines, squash, and musk.


type two. the helper. you love hard. you feel deeply. you put everyone else’s needs before yourself. and you always show up. you tend to be outgoing, welcoming and hard working. you find a lot of value in being “the helper”. the caregiver. the support system. the nurturer. a two tends to have a hard time taking care of themselves, but that is why you make amazing teachers, social workers and nurses.

all of the 2’s at the wax buffalo studios are nourishing to our souls. so we dove deep into the beauty that is you, and created a candle that’s become my personal favorite. it makes me WANT to be a 2!

with avocado, zucchini, cucumber, green vines and squash that speak to all the good vibes that you, the two bring into our lives. i hope this candle makes you feel as cared for as you make all of us feel on the regular.