Wax Buffalo

enneagram three: the achiever


three: the achiever

achievers are energetic, successful, self-confident, driven. our energy scent will inspire and drive threes onward.

scent: energy

notes of rhubarb, red currant, strawberry, fig blossom, blackberry, vanilla, birchwood keep achievers energized.


type three. the achiever. i mean, you should write all the self help columns. somehow you successfully accomplish the goals that seemed so unrealistic to the rest of us. you are our performers, the class president. the home-coming queen. the one we want to follow anywhere. you are driven and self-confident and a true natural born leader.

with all you have on your plate, we wanted to make sure your candle is packed full of the energy giving notes such as rhubarb, red current, strawberry and blackberry, with a little vanilla and birchwood to help you relax after knocking off your crazy to-do list. a candle that’s both invigorating and grounding at the same time.