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Distance: Collab Candle - Mike + Amber Smith [The Bay]


Mike + Amber Smith [The Bay] – adventure travel candle

Scent notes: teak. copal. lemongrass. black pepper. tobacco. vanilla bean. tonka. ozone. cilantro. 

The candle inspired by Mike and Amber Smith is a portable 4oz glossy black travel tin. Both of these wonderful humans are so driven by a love for adventure that you can see it happening even in quarantine. They create adventure where ever they might be and they package it up and serve it perfectly to all of us, making the world around them a better place. This candle from the episode is available at waxbuffalo.com. Limited quantity so nab em quick!

Excited to share this beautiful conversation with the fun natured Smiths. I laughed so hard my tummy hurt after our time together. They are such a cool team, and they’ve created a family at The Bay that is unlike any other. We chat about working together at home, how they’ve taken a large vibrant community of artists and packaged up a life giving series open to all of us through Flip Grid. I am always so inspired by the entire team at The Bay, and after chatting these two up for a bit, it’s easy to see why that world is so magical over there.

As with all the Distance Candles, the proceeds will go to raise money for the LPS Food Bank to help feed kiddos currently in need due to LPS closings. Thank you for supporting this effort!

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