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Distance: Collab Candle - Hobby Club


The Hobby Club - By Tyler Riewer

scent notes: patchouli, oak, tobacco, sweet orange, clove, lemon, tonka. ________________________________

We filmed this episode a couple weeks back, in anticipation of our collaboration with Hobby Club. We laugh a lot. Tyler is one of the kindest, most creative, hilarious humans I know. This entire conversation fills my heart and I swear the belly laughs will be good for yours too. Everything Tyler does, is with the intention of bringing people together. For fun, for laughs, to learn, for good. I can't wait for you to meet him, and jump on his beautiful adventure, the Hobby Club. We poured a limited batch as usual of these bright shiny reusable mini paint cans. Topped with a bright colorful nod to Hobby Club. It's 9oz of pure soy goodness in a whimsical vessel.


As always. The proceeds from this candle will go to raise money for the Lincoln Food Bank. ⁠Thank you for supporting this effort!⁠

Special thanks to Alex Matczyszyn from @suitandtiefilms 

Special thanks to Allie Laing from @coldheartedco for our Distance Logo.