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Distance: Collab Candle - Her Name Is Mud


Here Name is Mud - Ponderosa Pine inspired Candle. 

scent notes:  vanilla, amber, blackberry, sage, black pepper, clove

The candle inspired by Krista is a white ceramic (of course!) vessel dipped in gold. It's filled with a spicy, woodsy, vanilla that likens itself to the ponderosa trees that grow in the desert, Krista calls home. This candle package from the episode is live on the site for preorder. We've created a small run so nab em quickly.

Excited to share this beautiful conversation with the incredibly gifted Krista Coons, of Her Name Is Mud. Krista has such a talent, not only in her art that she creates but in sending love and gratitude out into the world in a fresh and positive way. She encouraged my heart to slow down and indulge in projects for myself. She also helped me find therapy in the routine and set boundaries in a way that feeds the soul. I can't wait for you to hear about her process and passion.

The proceeds from this candle will go to raise money for the LPS Food Bank to help feed kiddos currently in need due to LPS closings. Thank you for supporting this effort! 


Watch the episode here

Check out Her Name Is Mud here