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Distance: Collab Candle - Hardy Coffee


Hardy Coffee  – Candle Collaboration: 

scent notes: espresso. cinnamon. almond milk. vanilla bean. clove. pistachio.


It's interesting all the emotions this episode brought up in my heart. Watching this conversation again.

Autumn and I jumped on Zoom just days after all of us closed our stores. You can tell, we were both just trying to figure it all out and the conversation feels pretty raw and honest because of it.

Because of the disruption to shipping, I had trouble sourcing the enamel cups for this project, and so it kept pushing the post date back further and further. I thought about having it edited to reflect the most current situation. But honestly, I think it's kinda perfect. Like a time capsule of the emotion we felt a few weeks ago. As Autumn speaks about all the ideas they are hoping to make happen with this new found normal, Alex our editor, went through and found photos and pieces from their social of ALL the things they actually did pull off over the last few months. I found myself just cheering Yes girl, yes! Autumn and her entire team have been hustling like crazy and innovating in such a beautiful collaborative way. I hope you enjoy this episode.

We poured a limited batch as usual of these bright reusable enamel beauties! Those that are snapped up today will ship out tomorrow. But once gone, we'll offer up a pre-order option if you're still interested that will be a bit of a wait (probably 10-12 days) so be on the lookout for that!

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Special thanks to Allie Laing from @coldheartedco for our Distance Logo. 

Special Thanks to Alex Matczyszyn for the Distance edit and Cody Jones for his Hardy Coffee Video. 

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