Wax Buffalo

Distance: collab candle - Gunner and Lux


The Gunner and Lux Candle. 

Notes: lavender. rosewater. rosemary. vanilla. agave. sweet orange. lime. 

This unicorn inspired iridescent 16oz vessel is filled with a mixture of Riley's favorite notes, it's a perfect combination of earthy and whimsical. In true collaboration; each candle comes accompanied with a Gunner and Lux best seller "Rebel the Pink" unicorn necklace. It's such a cool package! We'll stuff the box full of info about Riley's rad company and she's even tucked a discount code into each box, so you can start your dreamy collection of Gunner and Lux embellishments! Trust me you're about to become addicted. xoxo. 

This candle is on PREORDER and we'll offer a very small run so nab em quickly. The proceeds from this candle + necklace will go to raise money for the LPS Food Bank to feed kiddos currently in need due to LPS closings. Thank you for supporting this effort! 

Check out more about Gunner and Lux here! We are mega fans! Excited for you all to see why!