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Distance: collab candle - Eleanor Creative


The Eleanor Creative - Iris Inspired Candle.

Scent Notes: Iris, magnolia, orchid, vanilla, almond milk, bergamot, vetiver.

Christine is such an advocate for a strong brand presence and story. So we tucked some delicious soy back into our X adorned jars, embracing our most iconic brand symbol and married it to Christine's whimsically powerful female presence that's evident in everything she builds with the most darling lid art! This candle from the episode is live on the site. We've created a small run so nab em quickly.

The proceeds from this candle will go to raise money for the LPS Food Bank to help feed kiddos currently in need due to LPS closings. Thank you for supporting this effort!



So excited to release another conversation with a stunning creative here in LNK.

Christine Weeks of Eleanor Creative is doing some truly beautiful work in our community for small businesses during this pandemic. She created a group called Next Right Thing. She's the calm and collective savvy business coach we all crave during this time of uncertainty sending out daily tasks and encouragement to help us truly do the next best thing. I loved this conversation. In fact! At points I stopped and took notes the content and advice is so good! Later while I was rough editing the piece, I laughed at myself, like... Alicia... you can replay this anytime! Why were you taking notes!?! ha ha. I was caught up in the brilliance for sure! 

Watch the episode here

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