Do You, Boo.  - designed by Ariel Panowicz 

12oz white ceramic vessel. 

scent notes: evergreen, birch, rosemary, white bark, cream, cypress. 


To know Ariel is to love her. This conversation filled my heart to the brim. Ariel is a collaborative soul that is filled with love, empowerment, encouragement and just all the good vibes you need when the world feels hard and a bit lonely. 

Ariel designed this super fun vessel, back with her own personal story. She'll unpack it for us in this episode, the power she found in finally creating art for herself they way she saw the world, and refusing to fit into anyone's box of who she should be. It's such an incredible message. 

I snuck her onto distance just days before she gave birth, and it feels like this very special glowy time capsule of anticipation... pre-birth to the most gorgeous  little love ball of a baby girl I've ever laid eyes on. 

I love her. I love this candle. And I think you will too! 

We will release this cutie for real on Sunday night at 7pm. And as always... the proceeds will go to @foodbankoflincoln. 💕


⁠Thank you for supporting this effort!⁠

Watch this episode HERE


Special thanks to Alex Matczyszyn from @suitandtiefilms for editing. 

Special thanks to Allie Laing from @coldheartedco for our Distance Logo. 

Special thanks to Ariel @ArielPanowicz for the gorgeous decal.