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Distance: collab candle - Ali Rash


Ali Rash  - Hand Painted Coconut candle. 


Scent Notes: coconut. shea butter. aloe. agave. leche ⁠ ⁠

⁠Alison Rash is a Los Angeles based artist who grew up in rural Nebraska and recently relocated back to Lincoln,  Nebraska. Ali has exhibited in LA, NYC, San Francisco, San Diego, Dallas, and Washington D.C. as well as internationally in Paris, France, Venice, Italy and Tokyo.

But, aside from being a talented visual artist, she's a breast cancer survivor and mama. we found out all about her when we sat down and to chat about how she became an artist, how she's worked to pivot her studio to her home and what she's doing to help the community around her with her art through her brilliant project RIPPLE.

For the candle, Ali hand painted the most beautiful white frosted vessels in her signature dreamy style. Ali was inspired by the colors and scents of a recent trip to Costa Rica and we've created a tiny jar of magic based on that very happy place. Each candle also comes with teeny tiny original painted inspiration from Ali's collection and a blank piece of yupo paper to create your own art.

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The Candle: Ali Rash - Hand Painted Coconut candle. ⁠

The proceeds from this candle will go to raise money for the Lincoln Food Bank. ⁠Thank you for supporting this effort!⁠ To purchase this candle head over to WaxBuffalo.com ⁠

Special Thanks to Alex Matczyszyn for the edit!! ⁠


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