Wax Buffalo

enneagram six: the loyalist


six: the loyalist

suspicious, trustworthy, peaceful, confidence, courage.

scent: balance

fresh cut grass, clover, ozone, basil, lemon, teak, patchouli, black pepper.


type six. the loyalist. protector. truly on the ball, ready for any storm. you're the person we all  want on our teams because you always  have plans a, b, c, and d ready to go. impressively loyal and willing to stand up for what you believe. you are committed. responsible. a bit suspicious. but always prepared. thank you for always being the one who will stand by us no matter what.

this is going to evoke so sweet memories for you my dearest six. fresh cut grass, clover, lemon, black pepper- all the things that bring back lifetime memories and moments with some of your nearest and dearest. which we all know, those people, they are what give you life.