Wax Buffalo

sale: the studio candles.


The Studio Candle. 

Our most sustainable little jar of magic. And we are super proud of this baby. 

We take all the jars you return to us, and we return to ourselves (ha!) and pour all the ends of our pitchers, the remnants from pouring parties, random one off test scents etc and layer upon layer create a candle that smells exactly like walking into Wax Buffalo. 

It's a product that helps us reduce the carbon footprint, reuse, reduce and recycle and still bring joy in a small and beautiful way. 

We hope you enjoy this fun little creation. 

We're launching it with the sale tomorrow, so you can have a sneak peek of what we're doing... but don't worry there will be lots more of these and we'll be talking about the process more in depth in weeks to come. 


Hugs! and enjoy!