sweet raw honey, sugar cane orange blossoms, sun soaked rain drops, citrus infusion

I know some pretty incredible women. Strong, beautiful, kind, stunningly creative, giving, fiercely loyal, intelligent women. A lot of these crazy babes are starting some pretty epic adventures in the near future. New jobs, new cities, new babies, new companies, new freedoms, new singleness... just all the things. I’m so proud of these women, and I wanted something to give them, to tell them, I love them, and I’m proud of them.

Hummingbird is that perfect thing. Associated with happiness and feelings of joy - hummingbirds are so absolutely beautiful and courageous - just like these magical women.

Sweet raw honey, orange blossoms, sun-soaked raindrops, and pure unfiltered happiness, are how I would describe Wax Buffalo’s beautiful scent of the month: Hummingbird. It’s delicate, warm, subtly sweet and oh so perfect.