pink prosecco

scent notes: lemon. bergamot. bubbly. blackberry. vanilla. gin. pomelo.

this beautiful candle was born during quarantine as an exclusive collab with our hometown speakeasy "The Other Room" to mimic a brand new bubbly concoction they had created. It was so popular, it became a staple in our line, and even helped birth an intoxicating new candle line for us. The cocktail collection!

the first time I ever experienced the magic that is “The Other Room” the speakeasy behind the tavern, I was with some dear friends that dragged me through an abandoned parking lot, across an alley and into a little tiny dimly lit porch. that secret door opened and I was immediately IN LOVE. it was cozy and dark and secret and delicious. this pink prosecco candle is fun and flirty and dips into all the magic of sipping a dreamy cocktail in a room filled with laughter and love.