sweet tobacco

with top notes of warm vanilla scented tobacco, coriander and a bit of tonka, under notes of honey blossom, and clove. this candle takes you on a memory adventure. cozy pipes, and dimly lit bookstores, black coffee, and warm sunday afternoons. that’s sweet tobacco. (best seller!)

blood orange

this citrus explosion is fresh, juicy, and our number one seller. it’s top notes are obviously orangy, and tangy, with under notes of grapefruit, lemon, sugar, and honey. it’s bright, bubbly, and fun. 

red ferne

if golden hour had a scent it would be this one. the way your heart feels as the midwest sun is setting deep red and all pinky greatness behind long wispy grass. the earth is warm, fragrant and amber. the air is filled with fireflies a hint of oaky moss. my sweet red haired, fiery grandma (ferne) taught me to love the midwest with a deep passion. this candle is named after her.

armitage street

this earthy vanilla and berry infused combination is romantic and warm. it’s musky and sensual, with a crisp undertone of fresh berries and dark rum. it’s magical and so delicious my customers have demanded a roll on version so they can wear it all day!

into the woods

dew drops and sweet grass linger in the air as the warm sun beats down on ancient cedar trees and mossy covered fallen logs. its the way the earth smells as you dance uninhibited in the moonlight under a canopy of evergreens and large oaken giants. into the woods without delay, be careful not to lose the way. we must begin the journey.


blanket spread wide on a grass covered hill for a picnic of berries, banquettes and chilled rose'. the anticipation of a night under the stars watching Shakespeare with your favorite people in all the land. salty skin, sun-blocked noses, orchids + peonies melting with the sunset, and stolen kisses create a hot summer bouquet of happiness and carefree living that this scent will inspire deep within you. 

french press

it’s hard to describe the liquid that fuels our hearts but also embraces so many memories. It’s the necessity for that first all-nighter. the chosen cup, for a meet up with old friends in a dark cozy spot. The first sip early in the morning as the sun rises over your camp site. The desperate gulp early in the morning as your newborn finally drifts off to sleep. French Press will take you to every perfect moment you’ve reached for this iconic cup of happiness. and it’s perfect. 


16oz case of 6 - $126