Wax Buffalo

enneagram nine: the peacemaker


nine: the peacemaker

calm, gentle, harmonious, natural, warm, peaceful.

scent: calm

cream, lavender, chamomile, orange, eucalyptus, cedar-wood, musk.


you glorious peacemaker, mediator, saver of every situation. you have the amazing ability to see every angle and opinion and make sense of it all, understanding people's positions almost better than we understand it ourselves. you lead with instincts and go with your gut. and you are beautifully accepting. trusting. loving. even-tempered. and discerning. 

we tucked into the kindest calmed essential we could think of, the classic lavender bud. this candle rides on the notes of chamomile, eucalyptus and a bit of cedar-wood, you make everyone around you calm, but we hope this candles gives you a chance experience the sense of well being that you bring to our lives on the daily.