Wax Buffalo

enneagram five: the investigator


five: the investigator

rebellious, focused, eccentric, shy, solitude, grounded, intense.

scent: focus

palo, mint, lemon, sage, cedar-wood, pine.


type five. the investigator. you want to know why things are the way they are and you won't stop until you figure it out. as a  life-long learner you are constantly trying to get to the bottom of each sitch. it's pretty incredible how you have the ability to remain calm in any crisis... probably because of your total understanding and knowledge. you are curious. independent. observant. withdrawn. passionate. but sometimes, guarded. tuck into the fact that you are a visionary because the world needs more of that noise my friend. 

we went all out with this unique candle embracing  palo santo in it's purest form. this fully essential oil candle is highly cleansing, intended to clear a path of intense clarity when you need it the most.