Wax Buffalo

enneagram four: the romantic


four: the romantic

romantics are imaginative, curious. unique. melancholic. in other words - complex, which inspired the perfect scent for the romantic four in your life. 

scent: complex

notes of pure essential rose, garden chamomile, rose hips, honey, chamomile bud, sweetgrass. so dreamy and perfect for a type four.


type four. the romantic. the individualist. you are so incredibly unique. fours tend to be highly creative. artistic. introspective. and expressive. let's be honest, you sometimes come across as dramatic, but that's not a bad thing, and it's because you are uniquely able to connect so deeply with your own emotions, and that's a really beautiful thing. you may find that you are typically in constant search for who you actually are, who you want to be, and who you think YOU should be. that's a lot of pressure my darling. know, that over here, we think you are absolutely perfect. 

we're hoping the notes of rose and garden chamomile help you tap into your charmingly romantic side. tap into that sweetheart of yours with classic hints of honey and embrace all your moody vibes of sweetgrass. it's a blend that we think is just as wonderful and complex as our fours are.