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Distance: collab candle - Eat Move Rest


This episode and candle go live on June 14th at 7pm! 

Eat Move Rest - inspired by Erin Stanczyk 

Scent Notes: citrus, lime, lemon, fizzy water, sweet tangerine, bergamot, coconut.

Erin is such a ball of energy and love. She looks at life differently, and gently encourages others to do the same. I'm always so inspired by her brightly colored instagram filled with yummy and energy filled suggestions to Eat, Move and Rest. She has such great things to do say in this episode that filled my heart and inspired my soul. 

The candle she helped me created feels like a burst of citrus punch. Like fresh juice, happy and summery! We actually spoke a few weeks back on a blustery day and I think we were both dreaming of these hot summer days that are finally here! It's a great summer candle! 

AND bonus! We collaborated with our darling friend Allie Laing on the sweetest sticker to help motivate you while you burn your candle. 

The proceeds from this candle will go to raise money for the LPS Food Bank to help feed kiddos currently in need due to LPS closings. Thank you for supporting this effort!


So excited to release another conversation with a stunning creative here in LNK.

Special thanks to Alex Matczyszyn from @suitandtiefilms

Special thanks to Allie Laing from @coldheartedco for our Distance Logo. _________________________________

This episode and candle go live on June 14th at 7pm! 

Watch the episode here

Check out EAT MOVE REST here