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Nana + Livy Mini Bar Soaps


Nana+Livy mini bar soaps. 

At its core, Nana + Livy is ushered by the idea of feeding skin of all ages and genders with everyday nutritious food ingredients. As an alternative to food intake, a selection of healthy food can be applied directly onto our skin for nutrient absorption.

While taking inspiration from the phrase Beauty Starts with Food, Amelia explores different food options, handpicks the highest quality of nutritious ingredients, and experiments every possibility to enhance skin wellness throughout each Bath Treat production.

Every Bath Treat from Nana + Livy is designed, crafted and packaged with two hands, along with passion and pride for soap making.

The brand is not just about fine craftsmanship from start to finish, it has also become synonymous with minimalism and sustainability. While the design of each Bath Treat appears to be minimal and timeless, our plastic-free packaging promotes zero waste. 

size: 50g